Biohacking - what is this?

Biohacking is an increasingly popular philosophy of health optimization used on the basis on the latest scientific research. Dave Asprey - an American entrepreneur and author of the blog - is considered to be the creator of biohacking

Dave himself claims that biohacking is the art and science of adjusting the external and internal environment to gain maximum control over your biology.  

What can you do with your own biology? Everything that your own imagination is telling you now!

You can use biohacking to become better:

  • athlete
  • entrepreneur
  • artist
  • lover
  • parent
  • human

Biohacking provides a set of tools thanks to which you will escalate the quality of your life and achieve faster and better results. Supplements such as Solve Labs Brain Tech will also help you with this.

The benefits of biohacking:

  • increased capacity and performance of the brain
  • improvement of cognitive functions
  • improved memory and concentration
  • freeing up your creativity
  • increased motivation
  • increase in energy level
  • increased the efficiency of performed tasks
  • improved mood and well-being
  • increased resistance to stress
  • faster falling asleep and better sleep quality (faster and better sleep)

What can you gain from biohacking?

  • Stop procrastinating and start doing it right away
  • Become faster, smarter and more effective person
  • Start seeing opportunities where you used to see only difficulties before
  • Work more efficiently and rest more
  • Learn faster and easier
  • Gain better sex and bigger orgasms
  • Gain a healthy, strong and athletic figure
  • And become an effective person

Biohacking areas

Mind - think faster, work more efficiently and earn more
Body - burn more fat and build a strong figure
Lifestyle - enjoy health, wealth and great relationship

How to do biohacking?
Before you start using any of the biohacking tools, you should adopt the following strategy:

To be successful in biohacking, you need three things:

1. Know your goal - you need to know what you want to achieve.
2. Carefulness in complianing - Pay attention to what results you get from your behavio.
3. Behavior flexibility - if what you are doing does not bring the expected results, start doing something else. Change your behavior until you reach your goal.

As Albert Einstein used to say:

 “If you do what you've always done, you'll get the same results that you got. If you want different results, start doing something else!”

Below is the operational strategy:

  • Choose a target
  • Choose technique / method / hack
  • Collect initial data (current state - initial state)
  • Apply technique / way / hack
  • Collect data for a specific period of time, e.g. 30 days
  • After the test period, analyze the results (initial state - final state)
  • Formulate your opinions

6 ways to biohacking:

1. Cold shower
2. Periodic fasting
3. Bulletproof coffee
4. Nootropics
5. Ketogenic diet
6. Gratitude

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