Cold therapy - 6 benefits

If you want to speed up your metabolism, strengthen your immunity, gain healthier mitochondria and a better mood, make sure to use cold therapy.

„Exposure to low temperatures and icy baths is a popular technique among professional athletes that also offers many health benefits to everyone” - dr Joseph Mercola

Research shows that cold therapy:

  1. Accelerates fat burning by activating brown fat.

  2. Strengthens the immune system (cold therapy activates two powerful genetic antioxidant systems: superoxide dismutase and glutathione reductase. The most powerful antioxidants that have the ability to regenerate mitochondria.

  3. It reduces the markers of inflammation, which is a condition for health, longevity and maintaining high cognitive functions. Cold stress reduces the pro-inflammatory cytokines (interleukin 1, interleukin 6 and TNF-alpha) that initiate inflammation.

  4. Provides an increase in norepinephrine, which improves mood and concentration as well as has analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties and increases mitochondrial biogenesis.

  5. Provides an increase in RBM3 cold heat shock proteins produced in the brain, heart, liver and skeletal muscles. RBM3 has regenerative and neuroprotective effects and a greater number of nerve connections in the brain.

  6. It optimizes the production of sex hormones and increases stress tolerance.

Possible methods of cold therapy:

  • Icy showers
  • Bathtub full of ice cubes
  • Icy baths and sea
  • Barefoot walks in winter

The simplest method is a hot shower with an icy one.

Below you will find a detailed description of the procedure on how to take a cold shower effectively:

  1. Warm up well before taking a shower (you can do 20-30 squats or use the sauna).
  2. Turn on the water and take a warm shower, just like you always do.
  3. When you are well warmed up, direct a stream of warm water over your forehead and chest. Then quickly turn the water over to cold water (whatever you can tolerate, of course).
  4. Stay under the stream for only 10 seconds.
  5. When pouring cold water over yourself, focus your attention on your breath. You can shout to yourself, but not to wake up your neighbors.
  6. With each passing day, add 10 seconds of cold shower.
  7. After a few weeks, you will be able to safely stay under cold water for a few minutes.



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