Dietary supplements , workout and immunity

Each of us wants to maintain the best possible health. However, on a daily basis, we do not think about caring for the immune system, which is our shield against viruses, bacteria and diseases caused by them. In autumn and winter, most of us have at least one cold that excludes us from work, training or social life. Does it really have to be this way? Of course not! All you need to do is take care of your immunity, and you will learn how to do it in this article.

Sport means health - training and regeneration, and immunity

In the three previous articles about the immune system, which we invite you to read, we have explained many of their mechanisms in detail, but did not mention the effects of exercise. Sport is a very important element for our immunization, and more precisely, movement. Today, we very often spend most of the day sitting in front of a computer, TV or smartphone. Both at home and at work. Lack of exercise is a factor that reduces the efficiency of many of the body's defense processes. It has many negative consequences, including all sorts of diseases.

It must be emphasized that you do not need to train every day to become immune. Very frequent and intense workouts may even contribute to the deterioration of immunity, which is why a proper diet and supplementation are so important, also aimed at building immunity in athletes. Moderate-intensity exercise increases your body temperature, which blocks the growth of some bacteria. Workouts also stimulate white blood cells, in particular Th lymphocytes blocking the development of many diseases. The positive effects of training in increasing immunity are also supported by an increase in the concentration of IgG and IgM antibodies in the blood and a greater production of interleukin 2 and 4 and interferon γ. training and immunity.

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Natural products and compounds to strengthen the body

Nature is extremely rich in solutions that strengthen our body. In the vast majority of cases, you do not need to use synthetic substances to increase your immunity. However, you need to know what natural ingredients to use to get the desired effect. In addition, it is also necessary to check the form and concentration of the natural substances to be sure that they have retained their properties.

Few people know that mushrooms are a fantastic source of micronutrients that improve the functioning of the immune system. Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) and Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) are among the best studied in this respect. The former contain polysaccharides in the form of beta-D-glucans, which increase the number of macrophages - one of the most important cells of the immune system. Macrophages are food cells that go there first when microbes appear. Reishi mushrooms support the production of antibodies, contributing to the more effective destruction of pathogens by the body.

Shiitake mushrooms contain another polysaccharide called Lentinan, which has immunomodulating properties, not only macrophages, but also T lymphocytes and cytokines. It was with Shiitake mushrooms when also fungal phytoncides were discovered that effectively fight viruses. O In addition to these unique ingredients, both mushrooms mentioned here are a source of many other micronutrients such as germanium, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and vitamin B3. Taking them has a positive effect on strengthening immunity, giving the body the tools to fight viruses and bacteria.

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Dietary supplements against viruses and bacteria

Dietary supplements supplement deficiencies in the diet of a large part of us through concentrated doses of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients. Does this mean that they can protect us from disease caused by viruses and bacteria? They are not in themselves a medicine that destroys these types of organisms. Their action, however, is very useful in strengthening the natural protective barrier, i.e. our immune system.

Dietary supplement for immunity is therefore a very easy way to increase the body's readiness to defend itself against microbes. These types of preparations, such as Myco Shield, have many additional advantages, such as the removal of free radicals, strengthening and regeneration of tendons and joints, or reducing inflammation. Therefore, practically everyone will benefit from their daily intake without putting much effort into it.

So little is enough to spare ourselves unpleasant days when we feel and are sick, being forced to put off or even give up our plans. So start actively strengthening your immune system by following our advice and enjoying your health every day.

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