Organic Peru Coffee

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  • 100% Arabica
  • Notes of sweet fruit and milk chocolate
  • Mild acidity
  • Organic coffee
  • Single Origin - coffee from small crops
  • Roasted in GOTHOT technology

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Organic Peru Coffee kawa

Organic Peru is coffee that comes from the Amazonian Andes of Northern Peru. It is 100% Arabica available in the form of whole grains or ground one, roasted in GOTHOT technology.
It is grown in the province of Utcubamba, where the association of coffee growers JUMARP El Palto operates. It is Single Orgin coffee (specialty coffee) in which all beans come from a specific, well-known cultivation, which guarantees their repeatable but individual character.

Organic Peru "El Palto" is a balanced espresso with sweet fruit notes, milk chocolate aromas and mild acidity. Perfect for both classic espresso-based coffee and for pouring methods.

Organic coffee grown in harmony with nature

Coffee production in the Amazonian Andes of Northern Peru, where the JUMARP operates, started in the 1950s. Despite the commonly used agrochemical practices in the cultivation of coffee, the founders of the group decided to turn to nature and focus on environmental-friendly cultivation that will remain in harmony with the Peruvian flora.

Thanks to it, in 2003, The Asociación de Productores Cafetaleros Juan Marco “El Palto” was founded by José Carranz Barboza. Currently, it includes 189 producers of delicious Arabica.

The association's approach to cultivation means excluding the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals.

Kawa single orgin

One roaster to rule them all

With the goal of getting the perfect cup of this wonderful drink, we have made a step further. We have established cooperation with a coffee roasting plant, which has the only stove in Poland with the GOTHOT technology. You will ask; ok, but how is this stove different from the rest?

The difference is in the way the coffee is roasted. The GOTHOT stove roasts the grains with hot air. In standard stoves, the grains are placed on a rotating plate, which is heated from the bottom by a blowtorch. As a result, the surface of the plate is in direct contact with the flame, which affects the quality of the roasted grain.

The technology in GOTHOT stoves uses hot air for this purpose, which allows the so-called profiling. The result is sweeter, less smoky flavor profile and an even more palate-pleasing coffee.

If you have not yet tried organic coffee roasted with this type of technology, you must see for yourself how good natural coffee roasted with this method can be.


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