We present you a recipe for a real culinary experience. Blini based on Primal Whey diet supplement. We encourage you to try and break the breakfast routine - these beauties are worth it!

To make Primal Whey Blins we need:

1 Glass of sifted buckwheat

10 dag of yeast

1/2 Glass of warm milk + 1/5 glass of warm water

1 spoon of butter

1/2 spoon of brown sugar

30 g Whey Protein Primal Whey Chocolate & Coconut or Vanilla

One small egg plus one yolk

A pinch of Himalayan salt


1) Pour off half of the milk with water to the bowl and add crushed yeast and sugar, mix until it bonds. Next we add half of sifted flour step by step, Mixing all the time not to make papules. We put away leaven to grow in a warm place.

2) Dissolve butter. Separate yolks from whites, but to use you only need one white. Pour the rest of milk with water to a high vessel, pour Primal Whey, add dissolved butter and two yolks and blend them on a glide mass. Whip the white with a pinch of salt.

3) Add blended milk with rest of ingredients to the leaven, and then mix. Consequently, add whipped white and mix it again. At the end we pour in, step by step, the rest of flour, mixing it all the time to make a coherent pie. Salt depending on your preferences, mix it slowly one more time and leave for 10- 15 min. Pie is supposed to have consistency of dense cream.

4) Fry blinis on a pan with a little of fat. Depending on what one likes. One spoon of pie, one should be max. 0,5 cm thick. And finally it can be served.

We advise to serve it with Greek Yoghurt and smoked salmon, Greek Yoghurt and smoked Trout, mascarpone and caviar or mascarpone and pomegranate.

Finally, there should be 12-14 small pies out of it - for one or two bites.

Enjoy your meal :)

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